3 Japanese Garden Styles for a Large Backyard

3 Japanese Garden Styles for a Large Backyard

Three Japanese Garden Styles for Your Large Backyard

Do you have a large plot of land or a huge backyard that needs renovation? If you do, then why not turn it into a Japanese garden? The allure of a perfectly built Japanese garden is irresistible.

Adding to its wonder and beauty is that the designs are versatile and incorporate different natural elements. These garden designs have become so popular during the past centuries that one can find Japanese gardens in many countries around the world.

Many landscape artists have found inspiration from the Japanese style of gardens and were able to express themselves through it. Therefore, they are a genuine source of inspiration for anyone who wants to create a garden that will appeal to everyone.

As you continue to read, we hope we inspire you to create something unique using a Japanese garden style. We will show you three different Japanese backyard garden-style layouts. Enjoy!

Japanese Tea Garden

The tea garden is a favorite garden style that ties closely with the Japanese tea ceremony. The tea ceremony is a cultural activity deeply rooted in Japan’s history, and the garden plays a crucial role in its execution.

The design divides the garden into outer and inner gardens separated by a wall with a gate to enter. A teahouse in the center of the garden where the hostess prepares the tea. The guests wait in the outer section for the invitation to participate in the ceremony. The most critical element in the garden is the path that leads to the teahouse. It resembles a way leading to a mountaintop with fallen leaves and moist soil.

Promenade Garden

The basic design of a promenade garden involves a large water body, like a lake, with a path around it. Otherwise called a stroll garden, it intends to let people stroll through the trail enjoying the view. The park around the lake will have different elements created to give it a natural charm. For example, small or large mounds resemble the hills, and some famous promenade gardens have replicas of famous mountains.

Another great feature of a promenade garden is the element of surprise it incorporates into the design. Of course, you can’t see the entire garden from a single viewpoint. But the garden is designed in a way to reveal surprising elements only at specific points.

Earlier promenade gardens were the pride of the rich and noble of Japan. These often were made to enhance the beauty of the houses by providing a large garden around them.

Paradise Garden

The most prominent feature of a paradise garden is an island house in the center of a lake with an arched bridge connecting it to the land. This particular garden design represents the Buddhist paradise called “Pure Land.” The island house symbolizes the Buddhist belief that in “Pure Land,” Buddha sits on a lotus at the lake’s center, meditating.

A house standing on water could be a great attraction to any garden. It provides a great view and a calm and quiet place to enjoy an evening or morning. A great place to meditate or chat with a dear friend, paradise gardens can become versatile in their uses.

There is no doubt that Japanese garden styles are one of the most popular garden styles in the world. It provides a solemn atmosphere for everyone who loves a little peace in their lives, with natural elements incorporated most harmoniously.

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