4 Full Sun Landscaping Ideas for Sunny Areas

4 Full Sun Landscaping Ideas for Sunny Areas

Do you consider your yard “sunny”?

If you have a yard that gets a lot of direct sunlight throughout the day, keeping your backyard looking well-landscaped can be challenging. However, plenty of drought-resistant options for yards and even non-living accents can make your yard look nice.

Here are four landscaping tips for overly sunny yards.

Full Sun Landscape and Design

Mulch or Stones Instead of Grass

If keeping your lawn alive is a constant battle, you might want to replace some of this with stylish non-living alternatives. For example, laying down mulch or stones can still complement smaller plants and can provide walkways throughout your yard. An alternative spin on garden space is to replace wilting plants with a year-round rock garden that can look nice and offer a low-maintenance option for years to come.

Long Term Planning With Trees

If you are in an area where more giant trees can take hold over time, you can get started now with smaller saplings that can eventually provide shade in parts of your yard in the future. If you plan on living in your home for years to come, be strategic with the placement of smaller trees. These can provide shade to your home, but remember to keep these a bit further from your home since root structures might impede pipes and plumbing over time.

Full Sun Landscaping Plants, Plants that Thrive in the Sun

When it comes to dry, hot summers, plants that thrive in this type of weather might be better off. Brush, low grasses, succulents, and cactus might provide creative gardening solutions even in the driest and warmest climates. In addition, sourcing native plants is a great landscaping option since these will do best in your specific environment.

Umbrellas and Pergolas

Adding an instant shaded area that your family can enjoy can help out during the warm summer months. Shade is necessary for people, pets, and certain types of plants. Build a structure that can add a little protection for part of your yard. You can then diversify your landscape and keep potted plants in the shade when needed. Even a patio table umbrella can help protect your family and a few plants throughout the summer months if you are on a budget.

Summer is a great time to spend out in your yard, but if your landscaping is lacking, this might be something to focus on before the heat sets in. With plants that love the heat, shade options and non-plant decor, you can have a stylish yard that can withstand the summer months while looking great.

Get The Best Landscaping For Your Sunny Areas

If you have a sunny yard and need professional landscaping help, contact Fernandez & Sons. We will be happy to assist you in discussing what is best for your sunny areas.