4 Hardscaping Updates To Increase Curb Appeal

4 Hardscaping Updates To Increase Curb Appeal

Update Today to Maintain a Stunning Exterior

When the existing hardscaping on the exterior of your property gets stained, cracked, or chipped, it downgrades the overall appearance and value of your home. Though many homeowners don’t want to spend extra on the outside of their house, the advantages of having smooth or beautifully textured and unmarred concrete, pavers etc., will always offset any expense that you incur.

The following hardscaping updates for your exterior elements may be needing your attention.


4 Hardscaping Updates To Increase Curb Appeal, driveways

The most significant use of hardscaping on your property is usually the driveway. Over the years, the pavement will start to deteriorate, especially toward the bottom, where it will crack and chip, leaving small, loose pieces that are easy for someone to trip over and get hurt. A driveway will also look substandard if it’s become stained with oil or tire marks. By investing in a new diriveway, you’ll recover the stunning exterior that your home once had.

Front Porches

4 Hardscaping Updates To Increase Curb Appeal, front porch

At the end of a long day, how awesome would it be to sit back, relax and unwind on a beautiful front porch watching the people and cars go by? What if you had to sit on an old, broken, outdated and unattractive font porch. Sitting here will not make you feel as good as a new updated one. If you intend to sell your property in the future, a repair or redo will create a spectacular entry into your home and increase your home’s value tremendously. Let’s help you feel great about your front entranceway’s curb appeal and help you feel proud to show off your porch to anyone who visits.

Walkways and Pathways

4 Hardscaping Updates To Increase Curb Appeal, walkways, pathways

Now that you may be considering a new front porch, the path leading to it or around to the backyard is just as critical. You can mix-or-match the type of hardscaping elements. Making one flow into the other will be stunning. You must also know that chipped or cracked walkways can be a hazard to those walking on them. Whether you have a continuous walkway or separate slabs with gravel or grass between them, you’ll want solid footing for your family and any visitors to walk across.

Patios and Decks

4 Hardscaping Updates To Increase Curb Appeal, patio, decks

Another relevant area of your home is your back patio. If you and your family love to spend time outdoors, you’ll want a beautiful place to sit, relax and entertain. Consider getting decorative concrete, pavers, brick, tile, wood and other types of stone for your patio or deck to create a genuinely gorgeous exterior. With so many choices to choose from Fernandez & Sons is confident we can provide you with a striking look that you’ll love.

Get Started With Your Hardscaping Updates Today

Maintaining your exterior with necessary hardscaping updates is a task you should never ignore. Keeping all of your components updated and in good shape will make your home look fabulous, protect the safety of anyone walking on it while increasing curb appeal and the value of the home for sure. You’ll also enhance the look of the neighborhood, and thus preserve the worth of your property as well as your neighbors’. 

To learn more about your options for hardscaping updates, feel free to get in touch with our expert masonry, hardscaping and landscaping team at Fernandez & Sons. We look forward to hearing from you, give you an affordable quote with reliable and high-quality service and product. Our office location is in Morristown, NJ. We provide services for Morris County, NJ and northern New Jersey.