5 Landscape Maintenance Tips For a Beautiful Yard

5 Landscape Maintenance Tips For a Beautiful Yard

A good landscaping project can increase your home or lot’s value by as much as 20%! By upgrading the individual elements and implementing a few maintenance tips that make up your outdoor area and designing a stunning yard, you gain peaceful and pleasant living space for not only sunny days but also real monetary value. However, because your home’s outdoor area is the most exposed, it takes the most beating from weather conditions.

Landscape maintenance is integral to keeping that extra lifestyle and monetary value for your home. What does looking after your yard look like? Check out these five tips to find out.

Essential Landscape Maintenance Tips

1. Trim Large and Overhanging Trees

Most large trees will spread leaves everywhere during fall, which can become annoying to rake (at the very least). When they hang over streets, cars, powerlines, and roofs, they can go from being annoying to potentially harmful.

Leaves and other tree debris clog gutters, scratch paint, and can cut powerlines if the wind directs them so. You don’t have to remove large trees outright; simply prune the branches that create these dangers. 

2. Where to Leave Leaves

Waiting until the temperature is in the 40s or 50s before you start raking is a good idea, especially if the ground is very wet. You don’t want to rip patches of grass out of your lawn during yard work.

Moreover, many plants and beneficial insects benefit from having a few leaves on the ground in the buildup to spring. Target the bulk of the leaves when cleaning your yard but leave a few over. Building a composter as part of your outdoor infrastructure is a great way to benefit from these bugs and have a cheap and organic source of soil nutrients.

3. Early Weeding Wins

Early spring is the best time to begin your anti-weed campaign. They become an increasingly difficult problem as the months after spring progress. Avoiding mowing too short, overwatering, and underwatering your lawn also help keep the weeds at bay.

4. Watering Well

Watering too much can drown your plants and lawn, lead to fungal infections, and attract certain types of pests. Watering too little can send your landscape into decline in the summer and attract other types of pests.

To get the right balance, apply the equivalent of one inch of rain per week to your garden. Don’t water if it’s already rained enough that week, and skip a week or two if there has been excessive rainfall.

5. Rapid Landscape Maintenance Tips

Lawn care, moving leaves, and removing weeds aren’t the only landscape maintenance part. Hardscaping refers to the part of the landscape design and installation process that centers on structures, stone pathways, ornaments, and steps. Fixing these early after they break is very important.

Chipped pathways and steps can be dangerous for anyone on your property. Cracked statues can be made worse if plants start to grow in the cracks. If any of your structures become damaged, it’s best to call a landscape maintenance service as soon as possible.

Call the Landscape Maintenance Experts

Installing a beautiful landscape is only the first step in a long two-step journey, where the second step is ongoing and adequate landscape maintenance. Trimming trees, raking leaves, beating weeds, and watering your garden properly are all intentional tasks you should plan for and time correctly for the best results. It’s also critical not to overlook maintaining the structures in your yard.

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