Leaf Raking & Removal Services

Leaf Raking & Removal Services

Leaf Raking and Removal Services in New Jersey

As autumn arrives in New Jersey, home and business owners brace for the enormous task of removing fallen leaves. When tree canopies explode into vibrant red, orange, and yellow hues, you’ll soon face a blanket of leaves on your lawn, garden beds, and all over your property. This fall, avoid slipping on slick leaves or tracking them indoors by hiring a professional leaf clean-up service.

Leaf Raking and Removal

Fernandez & Sons has helped New Jersey homeowners and businesses with leaf removal and yard clean-ups for many years. The experienced team can efficiently tackle your property’s enormous mounds of leaves.

Fernandez & Sons utilizes powerful commercial-grade leaf blowers and vacuums to gather and dispose of leaves several inches thick. The entire team quickly and efficiently cleans up properties, leaving them leaf-free and pristine.

Additional Pruning Services

Fernandez & Sons provides pruning services to trim overgrown trees and shrubs before winter for a more comprehensive fall yard clean-up. The arborists expertly shape and thin plants for optimal growth and aesthetic appeal. They’re also happy to provide a professional assessment and advice for maintaining your landscape.

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Want to avoid handling bagging up leaves yourself? Fernandez & Sons will thoroughly clear leaves, branches and dead annuals from your flower beds and gardens. Just point out any delicate plants you want to be protected, and they’ll work around them. Less debris in your yard means less habitat for pests over winter.

Fernandez & Son’s schedules fall clean-ups around your needs. Contact us now to book an appointment that fits your calendar and avoid getting buried under leaves.

For larger commercial properties like office parks, apartments, and schools, Fernandez & Sons can handle acres of leaves. Our teams use commercial-grade equipment to clear large expanses of lawns faster than anyone else efficiently. Expect a pristine, maintenance-free property all autumn and winter.

Don’t let leaves get out of control this fall. Protect your home or business by hiring the leading experts at leaf removal – Fernandez & Sons. Call us today or message us via our online form to request a free estimate. Finally, enjoy your landscape again rather than fret over mountains of leaves. With the help of our leaf raking and removal team, you’ll have the best-looking property on the block this fall.

Our office is in Morristown, New Jersey. We service Morris County and the many surrounding areas.