5 Amazing Masonry Projects for Easy Entertaining in the Great Outdoors

5 Amazing Masonry Projects for Entertaining in the Great Outdoors

Masonry Projects You Do Not Want To Miss

The beautiful masonry we see around the world began when early man wanted to create artificial caves that were meant to mimic and supplement natural caves. They built these structures using stone and stone masonry techniques. 

Masonry and landscaping today go hand in hand in some of the most beautiful backyards and estates on the planet. 

Masonry projects add long-lasting elements to your outdoor space without the worry of rot, mildew, or fungus. 

Do you enjoy outdoor entertaining? Keep reading to learn about 5 amazing masonry projects that will bring your outdoor space to the next level! 

Masonry Designs 

Incorporating masonry into your curb appeal project or backyard landscape design is a great way to create an amazing oasis to enjoy without leaving your home. Take a look at these beautiful project ideas. 

1. Fire Pit / Fireplace 

5 Amazing Masonry Projects for Entertaining in the Great Outdoors

Do you love sitting around a fire on a cool night? What about making pizza in an outdoor fireplace? No matter the season a masonry fireplace or fire pit creates the perfect ambiance for a lovely evening at home. 

Expand your living space by adding one of these outdoor features. 

2. Outdoor Kitchen 

Masonry is the perfect way to incorporate kitchen appliances into your outdoor structure. A mason can custom build a base for your outdoor kitchen using brick or other kinds of stone. 

Your outdoor kitchen will become the gathering place when you’re entertaining guests. 

3. Retaining Wall

5 Amazing Masonry Projects for Entertaining in the Great Outdoors

Does your yard have a slope? Using masonry retaining walls creates the most beautiful look while serving a purpose.

The wall or walls will keep your yard from eroding, give you a place to add shrubs and flowers and give your yard an interesting look. Consider staggering the walls or having a curved design for extra texture. 

4. Entryway 

Think of your entryway as your home’s first impression. Do you want a lovely masonry walkway and steps up to your front door? How about some stone columns on your front porch?

Do you have the space to build a wall on either side of the end of your driveway? Picture it with stylish lighting and chunky metal house numbers and a gate. 

5. Pool Upgrades 

Upgrade your pool by adding a waterfall built with stone or a masonry water slide. Think of the possibilities you can choose from when using masonry around your pool. 

Make it look like a pond with a stone surround and landscaping elements like palm trees and other tropical plants. You can even design a swim-up bar or stone benches along the sides.  

Masonry Construction

Now that you’ve seen these 5 awe-inspiring masonry projects, which ones caught your eye? 

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