Spring Has Sprung! Here's Your Landscape Maintenance Checklist

Spring Has Sprung! Your Landscape Maintenance Checklist

Landscape Maintenance Checklist

As the warm spring months approach, it’s a perfect time to beautify your home inside and out.

If you’re preparing to work on your lawn and garden, there are a few easy landscape maintenance items you should always check off your list.

Read our landscape maintenance checklist for some crucial steps to ensure that your landscape looks gorgeous all season long for amazing curb appeal.

Do Some Outdoor Spring Cleaning

Before you can really tackle your landscaping, it’s important to clean things up a bit. First, rake out old, leftover leaves or any signs of trash that may have accumulated outdoors during the winter.

Add a fresh layer of mulch over any fresh shoots to keep them safe from frost. Pull out any weeds you see and trim away dead tree branches. If you need help with cutting dead limbs, it’s best to enlist the help of a landscaping professional.

Once you have a clean slate, it will be much easier to focus on making your landscape beautiful for spring. You can use the old leaves for a compost pile that will serve as a natural fertilizer for new plants.

Landscape Maintenance: Aerate, Fertilize, and Test

The health of your soil plays a major role in a beautiful lawn and garden, so make sure it has the correct pH level and the right mixture of nutrients. Many agricultural extension offices will test your soil either for free or for a small fee.

Aerate your lawn to get it prepped and ready for fertilizer, if needed. Whether or not you need to fertilize may depend on your soil test results. If you do need to fertilize, make sure it’s the correct type for your specific needs.

Apply the fertilizer evenly throughout your lawn and then water everything thoroughly. Don’t forget to fertilize trees and shrubs, too! This is an important part of good landscape maintenance.

Plan Your New Landscape Design

If your lawn and garden need a bit of TLC, spend some time planning out your landscaping design. Determine what your specific hardiness zone is, then choose the correct flowers and other plants accordingly.

You can draw out a plan on paper before you begin the task of actually putting everything in the ground. Make sure you understand the specific soil, light, and watering requirements for each plant so they get the care they need to flourish.

Once you have your master plan laid out, it’s time to start planting. After everything is in the ground, you can add some more mulch and then water everything with a garden hose.

Spring Has Sprung

From colorful flowers to trees and shrubs, use these simple landscape maintenance tips to help you get started on a beautiful lawn. If you need help, contact a landscape maintenance company near you so they can ensure you end up with a healthy, thriving outdoor space.

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