6 Benefits of Frequent Mowing and Shorter Grass

6 Benefits of Frequent Mowing and Shorter Grass

It can be tempting to free up some time by putting off yard work. On the other hand, you’ll gain at least six benefits when you mow the lawn regularly or hire someone else to do so:

Protect From Insects

This will protect your family and any pets from insects. Fleas, mosquitoes, ants, and ticks thrive in overgrown areas. These pests inflict itchy bites, and some species can also spread diseases. (If you encounter a pest problem it is vital to contact a reliable NJ pest control company immediately to keep your family and visitors, safe)

Weather Issues

If you mow frequently, you’re less likely to fall behind when the weather turns rainy or excessively hot. Keep in mind that most mowing equipment can’t trim grass after it exceeds a certain height.

You could harm the health of your lawn if you cut long blades short. This might prevent roots from growing, make the grass more vulnerable to drought, and potentially cause it to die.

Find Objects

It’s less difficult to find and retrieve small objects if you drop them in short grass. This benefit may not seem all that important, but it can become rather helpful when you lose your sunglasses or keys.


A freshly mowed yard will dry faster. This makes it easier to enjoy outdoor activities after a rain shower or thunderstorm. You won’t have to wear boots or worry about slipping on wet surfaces.


Relatively short grass looks more attractive and enhances the appearance of your entire property. An overgrown lawn may cause your home to appear vacant; this could attract thieves or vandals.

If you wait too long to mow your lawn, long clippings will probably create unsightly clumps on the surface. This doesn’t only look unappealing; it stops vital sunlight from reaching live grass.

Town Ordinances

Some homeowners’ associations and local governments enforce grass-height rules; they can fine violators. To reduce the risk of penalties, mow your lawn before its height even approaches the limit.

Nevertheless, it’s important not to get carried away. You can do more harm than good by cutting grass too often. It may turn brown and die. This mistake could also promote the growth of crabgrass and weeds.

What To Do Next?

Consider using a professional lawn maintenance service. Yard care experts own powerful, reliable equipment and know-how to properly take care of lawns. You’ll save time and avoid the hassles of mower maintenance.

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