5 Distinctive Retaining Wall Designs to Consider for Your Home

5 Distinctive Retaining Wall Designs to Consider for Your Home

Retaining Wall Designs

Upping the landscaping around your home can increase its value significantly: in fact, investing in the landscaping around your home can yield an ROI of up to 1000%, or possibly more.

When you think about landscaping, chances are lush gardens and prim foliage will be the first things that come to mind. However, if your property uses (or needs) a retaining wall to hold back soil and keep its structure in place, you have an opportunity to make it an extraordinary part of your landscaping.

Whether you’re looking to update your existing retaining wall or build a new one on your property, there are some truly beautiful designs for you to consider.

Read on for our list of 5 distinctive retaining wall designs.

1. Stones and Greenery

It’s been scientifically proven that nature makes you happier and healthier. With that in mind, nature-centric retaining wall designs might be just the thing to help you de-stress and relax in your own backyard.

By pairing natural, earth-toned stones with cascading greenery, such as climbing vines or foliage, you can transform the function of your retaining wall design into something brilliant and inspired by nature. Depending on the greenery you choose, your stones can also become blanketed by the leaves as they continue to grow.

2. Interlocking Geometric Bricks

If you’re more into geometric patterns, interlocking and uniform bricks might be just your style of retaining wall designs. You have the option of choosing different colors for the bricks and mortar to achieve the perfect look for your landscaping. 

3. Raised Garden Retaining Wall Designs

What if you could use your retaining wall to add more gardening space to your yard? Retaining wall designs with raised gardens can allow you to do just that. Planters can be placed in a cascading, stair-like design, allowing you to see your garden and care for it as you desire.

Garden wall ideas are endlessly versatile retaining wall designs, from bright flowerbeds to succulent plants. Depending on your favorites, you can build a custom wall to fit your preferences.

4. Wooden Fence Retaining Wall Ideas

Retaining wall designs with wooden fencing are the perfect merge between natural and structured: plus, they allow endless opportunities for add-ons, such as plants, grass, and stones.

What’s more, wooden fencing is highly customizable, whether you’re looking for straight lines, criss-cross latticework, or something understated that will accent the landscaping around it. You can also choose your wood stain to fit whatever look you’re going for.

5. Alternating Natural Stones

Featuring custom stonework in your retaining wall designs add interest and intrigue to your landscape while still maintaining a natural appeal. By featuring stones of varying colors, sizes, and finishes, you can enjoy a more artistic take on traditional stone backyard wall ideas. You can even customize the design to create a beautiful, natural mosaic.

Start Planning Your Custom Retaining Wall Today

Retaining walls give you the opportunity to create something as beautiful as it is functional. Now that you have some ideas for retaining wall designs, start planning your project today!

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