Chatham NJ Landscaping Services, Design, and Maintenance

Chatham NJ Landscaping Services, Design, and Maintenance

7 Surprising Reasons to Hire a Landscape Designer in Chatham, NJ

Did you know that landscaping can increase your home’s value by a whopping 12.7%? A pleasing landscape design can improve a house’s curb appeal, driving up its selling price.

But even if you’re not planning on moving anytime soon, you should still consider hiring a landscape designer.

Your yard isn’t just a selling tool. It’s an important part of your home. And landscape designers can help you make the most of it.

Not convinced? In the Garden State, there are many surprising reasons to hire a landscape designer. Here are just a few.

Bringing Your Landscaping Vision to Life

Landscape design can be an opportunity for creative expression. Maybe you’re sure you want flowers to provide pops of color for a backyard landscape design. Will a designer just override your artistic vision for their own?

The answer is a resounding no! Landscape designers use their know-how to help you design the best yard for you, not for them. They can help you execute the important details of your vision, whether that means narrowing down the best planting locations for flowers or searching for the perfect flagstones.

Getting Inspiration and Guidance

Chatham NJ Landscaping Services, Design, and Maintenance

Do you feel like your outdoor space could be better, but you’re not quite sure how?

Designers can help you brainstorm landscape design ideas while providing helpful artistic and practical guidance. They can help you discover a deep love of Versailles-style geometric garden beds or Japanese gardens’ artistic negative space.

Tackling More Ambitious Projects

Are you a grill king who would make the most of a complete outdoor kitchen? A romantic who’d love a koi pond with a fountain?

These projects are too complex for most DIYers. But with the help of a landscape designer, they’re within reach.

Leveraging the Local Knowledge of a Landscape Designer

Hard materials in Chatham yards need to withstand cold winters and humid summers. Plants will only look their best if they can thrive in New Jersey’s unique climate. Landscape designers use their local knowledge and experience to create designs that can withstand the elements.

Designing a Budget and Saving Money

Some people go totally DIY to save money. But inexperience can be pricey.

Homeowners may face unanticipated costs after using the wrong materials or needing to re-do a project. They may even start a project without realizing they can’t afford to finish it.

Landscape designers can help homeowners create and stick to a budget while getting the most out of every dollar.

Getting Help with Maintenance

Do you want to start associating your backyard with never-ending chores? This scenario can happen when homeowners underestimate their landscaping maintenance needs.

A landscape designer can create a lower-maintenance backyard landscape design or provide ongoing maintenance services. Regular maintenance reduces costs by lessening the need for replacements and replanting.

Using The Best Equipment For The Job

Do you have a stone-cutting toolset lying around? What about a backhoe?

You probably don’t, and you’re probably not interested in buying them, either. When you work with a landscape designer, your project gets done with the specialized, high-quality tools it needs.

Don’t Ignore Half Your Home

Your home isn’t just the building you live in. It’s a feeling you get when you’re at your safest and most content. It’s the happiness of being surrounded by family.

You deserve to have that feeling whether you’re in your living room or in your yard. A landscape designer can make it happen. Reach out to Fernandez and Sons today to start your Chatham NJ Landscaping Services, Design, and Maintenance and creating the perfect yard for your Chatham home.

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