Innovative Landscape Design, Maintenance, Boonton Township NJ

Innovative Landscape Design, Maintenance, Boonton Township NJ

Landscape Design and Maintenance in Boonton Township, NJ To Consider

The landscaping industry was worth about $99 billion as of 2019. This industry will only continue to grow as the value of good landscape design is further realized by homeowners. If you reside in Boonton Township, NJ, you’re in luck.

Fernandez and Sons can handle all your landscaping needs. Fresh landscaping ideas make your property stand out. Landscaping trends of 2021 adds a unique look to your neighborhood.

Fernandez and Sons have the expert service you need to let your home look its best.

Does Landscape Design Increase Home Value?

The short answer is: yes. 

A creative landscape designing contractor can add instant curb appeal to your property if you’re looking to sell. And a well-maintained lawn and garden, carefully nurtured over the years, sends an instant signal to buyers that your home is likely well-maintained on the inside.

Landscaping can translate to a price advantage of about 5% to 12% on a home’s value, turning that landscaping investment into an increase in the value of your home.

Four Landscaping Trends to Consider

There’s no end to creative landscaping ideas. From the elaborate to the simple, Fernandez and Sons have the skills, expertise, experience, and portfolio to make your home look its best. Check out a few landscaping ideas for inspiration.


A well-manicured lawn, neatly trimmed shrubs, and tidy gravel paths are the basics of good landscaping design. And for good reason.

Landscaping in Boonton Township, NJ, is not without its challenges. The East Coast is often slammed with blizzards, ice storms, and otherwise intense winters. Traditional landscaping allows for easier clean up in the spring, when it’s time to tidy up.

Edible Gardens

Flowers and shrubs are always popular choices, but edible gardens are becoming more popular.

Incorporating container gardens with herbs, vegetables, and fruits into elegant landscape designs allows for a fun experience for homeowners. Edible garden elements also allow for a “waste not, want not” mindset, something that is becoming increasingly important.

Growing a garden, whether it’s in a plot, container, or creative vertical garden, is a great experience for children, as well. It’s an excellent learning experience while adding to the beauty of your home.

Smart Technology

The abundance of automated temperature control, lighting, sound, and other technologies is not just limited to the interior of your home.

Remote-controlled irrigation and sprinkler systems are becoming increasingly popular among landscape designs. These convenient elements allow for effortless maintenance of your freshly landscaped yard.

Customize to Your Taste

Innovative Landscape Design, Maintenance, Boonton Township NJ

There’s a certain element of personalization expected in creative landscaping design ideas. But now is the time to fully embrace personalization in order to make your lawn as unique and beautiful as you and your family.

Lush sitting areas, elaborate fountains, and outdoor fire pits are just a few personalized ideas to add a creative touch to your beautiful lawn.

Hire a Green Thumb

If your lawn is in need of expert landscape design, don’t hesitate to contact us at Fernandez and Sons. Our expert services will transform your lawn into a beautiful new feature of your home.