Denville Landscape Company Above The Competition

Denville Landscape Company Above The Competition

Denville Landscape Company

During the summer, we love having BBQs, pool parties, and other outdoor activities! With the increases in summer rains, you might notice that your lawn looks a bit shaggy.

You could grab your lawnmower and trim the grass, but then you have less time to enjoy your summer! Why not hire a lawn maintenance company?

Lawn maintenance can get pretty expensive though. Americans spent more than $29 billion on their lawn care in 2015 alone!

How do you know you’re hiring the best Denville landscape company and not wasting your landscaping budget on subpar service? Keep reading to learn how to choose a landscaping budget that gives excellent service at a great value.

How Big Is Your Lawn Job?

Before you start calling local lawn maintenance companies, you should look at your yard. Knowing a little about your lawn needs will help you get the best bang for your buck.

How large is your lawn? The average American lawn size is 9801 square feet! The size of your yard plays a huge part in the cost of the maintenance.

Do you need basic maintenance or are you looking for a complete landscape design? You can get away with a budget lawn maintenance company if you only need a guy with a lawnmower. But, for more complex landscaping and yard design, you might want to look for a specialist who knows how to do that kind of job.

Basic Lawn Maintenance With Outstanding Service

If you’re happy with your landscaping and curb appeal, you may want to hire someone to maintain your lawn so it looks beautiful and well kept without you having to slave away in the heat! Not everyone needs a full landscaping overhaul.

Keep in mind that the rain and sunshine during the summer months will make the lawn grow faster, so you may need to step up your lawn maintenance frequency. Even if you can manage the lawn on your own during the winter, hiring a good landscaping company to help with your lawn maintenance during the summer could be a benefit for you.

Does Your Denville Landscape Company Offer Landscaping Design?

If more than a few years have gone by since your last landscaping or if you want a new look, a total landscape overhaul might be the best option for you. Another good time to refresh your landscaping is when you’re getting ready to sell your house and you want it to look pristine.

Make sure to look for a company with expertise in landscape design. Not every company with lawn equipment can create a beautiful yard with curb appeal. 

Make Your Neighbors Green With Lawn Envy

Once you choose the best Denville landscape company for your lawn maintenance needs, it’s time to kick back and enjoy your backyard. Imagine all the outdoor activities you can enjoy with your family!

Make sure you ask your lawn maintenance company for a few extra business cards if you like their service. That way you can tell your neighbors who to call when they see your well-manicured lawn.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you learned a bit about selecting landscaping services to fit your needs and budget. If you need a great landscaping company in the Denville, New Jersy area, contact Fernandez and Sons today!

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