4 Flagstone Landscape Design Ideas

4 Top Flagstone Landscape Design Ideas

What Can You Do With Flagstone?

Flagstone is just one of many kinds of decorative rocks that you can use to update your hardscaping, and one of the most functional and unique. This is because it is a large, flat rock that is ideal for use as a  decorative paving material. In fact, many people will use this material as an alternative to pavers when creating different features in their space. There are some features for which flagstone is most commonly used, and you can explore these ideas in greater detail to determine how you want to finalize your landscaping design.

Gorgeous Flagstone Patio Ideas

The most common way that flagstones are used is with outdoor patio spaces. They can be laid together with mortar in between them for a truly level, connected patio. They can also be used with cobblestone or pea gravel spread in between the spaces for a more natural look. Hardy ground cover such as moss and grass can be grown in between as well.

Patio patterns can be formal or informal. For a more formal look the flagstones can be laid in a random rectangular pattern. For an informal, more casual appearance, the stones can be laid in an irregular pattern.

There are specific techniques that need to be followed to ensure that the area is as flat as possible when laying this type of stone for your patio outdoor space. Because of the narrow joints, which allow the water to permeate through, flagstone is considered one of the best materials to use for patios.

Pristine Walkways

Just as you may use the flagstones to create a flat paved area for a patio, you can also use them to create a natural-looking pathway or walkway. You can mortar the stones together as an alternative to a concrete sidewalk. You can also use pea gravel in the spaces between the stone for a more rustic look to a pathway. Flagstones are durable and can provide vibrant colors with a natural variation.

Flagstone Landscape Edging

Flagstone provides a natural look when used as edging for flower beds, gardens, lawns and more. Due to the natural variation of rich colors they are a beautiful decorative landscape edging choice.

Lovely End Caps

Another idea is to use the flat surfaces of the flagstone as an end cap. This may be to create bench-style seating, a larger border area, a retaining wall, or another tall, narrow feature. You can sit on the flagstone, add potted plants to it, or simply leave it as is. Keep in mind that you need to mortar the stones in place for safety and security.

Flagstones have many functional and ornamental uses in a yard, and these are only a few of the more common ideas you can implement in your outdoor space. Many people find that flagstones look great when used in combination with other types of decorative rocks, while some will only use flagstones to keep their look more natural and unique.

Flagstone Cost

The average price of flagstone, without the labor to install, is approximately $2 to $3 per square foot. This stone as well as the labor does cost more than traditional pavers.

Due to the nature of the stone and installation process, it is vital to hire a company that is highly experienced in installing flagstone. Even though the initial cost of flagstone is more than pavers, in the long run, flagstones will hold their value for years to come, whereas some paving stones will become dull and lifeless.

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