Far Hills NJ Landscaping: Lawn Care, Maintenance, Design, Mowing, Trimming

Far Hills NJ Landscaping, Lawn Care, Design & More

The appearance of your Far Hills, NJ lawn plays a critical role in your home’s curb appeal.

An unattractive lawn may discourage potential buyers if you are planning on selling. In addition, it may make the neighbors very unhappy. And if you have visitors, why not be proud and make them notice? After all, no one wants to navigate through a jungle of untamed grass, trees and plants to get to the front door!

A beautiful lawn when entering your property will make you smile even if you’re not selling, do not care about the neighbors and are not having visitors

But DIY landscaping is hard work and can steal several hours of your free time. Why not hire a professional landscaper?

In this article, you’ll learn what to consider when looking for Far Hills, NJ, landscaping services. Please take a minute and read our tips on finding a quality landscaping company.

Do You Need a Landscaper?

Maybe you’ve handled the outdoor projects up to now without help. You have a decent lawn mower in the garage, and you’ve accumulated some other yard equipment.

Even with a shed full of the latest and greatest lawn care tools, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get the lawn of your dreams.

Unless you have a knack for making your lawn thrive, you may feel frustrated when you can’t fix problem areas. Quality lawn care and maintenance take more than a few weekend hours.

Professional landscapers have the expertise and the equipment to get the job done. They know precisely what lawns need to look amazing.

What to Look for in a Landscaper

How do you find a landscaper? Now, that might sound like a funny question when all it takes is a click to see that landscaping companies have many options.

Instead of wondering where to look, it’s wiser to know what to look for when narrowing down your choices.

Start with insurance. Any landscaper you hire should carry general liability insurance. This protects you, and the landscaping company should anything happen while performing service on your property.

Verify their experience. While there’s nothing wrong with hiring the new kid on the block, you don’t want to turn your lawn over to someone who has just decided to take their casual lawn mowing business to the next level.

The more experience and knowledge a landscaper has and the complex landscaping issues they’ve handled is essential. Experience matters!

Your Vision

We’ll cover general lawn care and maintenance in a minute, but a landscaper is who you want to call if you don’t yet have your perfect yard. A professional understands landscape design and will spend time talking with you about the vision you have for your lawn.

Landscapers turn your vision combined with their expertise into a stunning lawn.

They can also share landscaping ideas and tips for installing new grass, plants, shrubs, and hardscaping. If you’re looking for a complete lawn makeover, landscapers help you choose the right grass seed.

General Lawn Care

Maybe you’ve worked hard on your lawn but don’t have the time to keep up with lawn care.

A good landscaping company offers mowing and trimming as an essential service. Weed removal is also part of most lawn care packages.

After looking at your lawn, your landscaper will recommend the services needed to improve the look and condition of your landscaping. 

What About Lawn Maintenance?

Don’t be tempted to skimp on maintenance with your perfect yard in place.

Getting your lawn to a point where you don’t see dry patches takes time and hard work. Trees and flowers need regular TLC as well.

Most landscaping professionals offer maintenance plans and can customize a plan that works with your lawn’s needs and your budget.

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Whether your lawn needs a boost for curb appeal or you want more time to enjoy your outdoor space, hiring landscapers can help you meet your goals.

Fernandez & Sons have been handling Far Hills, NJ, landscaping services for over a decade. We know what lawns need to thrive in this part of the country.

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