Premier Bedminster NJ Landscaping Services

Premier Bedminster NJ Landscaping Services

Landscaping Services for Bedminster NJ Residential and Commercial Properties

According to a survey by the National Association of Landscape Professionals, 40% of Americans with a landscape hired a professional landscaper in the past year. If you’re one of them, you need to find a landscaper that meets your needs.

If you’re looking for Bedminster, NJ, landscaping services, you’ll want to know that your chosen company will provide the services you need. Keep reading to see why Fernandez & Sons offers the best landscaping service in the area.

Landscape Design and Installation

If you want to revamp your home or business landscape, look no further than Fernandez & Sons. We work with both residential and commercial landscapes.

We’ll begin by meeting with you to discuss your budget and vision. From there, we’ll be able to assess your site and draw up a design. Our personalized designs are created according to your wants and needs and are designed to look beautiful and improve your space. 

We’ll also help after the design process since we install your new landscaping. Most projects only take about a week or two to complete. However, we can also handle much larger projects.

Landscape Maintenance

In addition to designing and installing your new landscape, we can keep it maintained and looking beautiful throughout the year. We’ll also keep your lawn looking its best by handling your mowing, trimming, and necessary cleanup. Plus, we’ll handle seeding and fertilizing to encourage robust and healthy growth.

We offer mulching and topsoil application as needed too. An essential part of keeping your trees and bushes healthy and beautiful is pruning them. Fernandez & Sons will take care of this too.

Spring and fall cleanups are a great way to remove old plant material in the spring and leaves in the fall. We’ll also clear out your gutters, which is critical in the fall.


Masonry is a great way to add more architectural interest and living space to your landscape. We’ll design and install your driveway and walkways. Plus, we can create retaining walls that will stabilize your beds.

If you want to create more space to spend time, consider adding stone patios or pool decking. For more entertainment value, you should also consider incorporating a fire pit or even an outdoor kitchen.

Snow Plowing 

In the winter, you want to make sure you’re driveway and walkways are clear. But, it can be tiring work. So, why not outsource it to us?

We’ll handle all of your snow plowing needs. This is especially critical if you have a commercial property and must keep your areas clear and safe.

Choose Premier Bedminster, NJ, Landscaping Services

If you’re looking for the best Bedminster, NJ, landscaping services, look no further than Fernandez & Sons. We have you covered if you need landscape design and installation, maintenance, or even snow removal.

Get your free quote from Fernandez & Sons today!

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