First Class Mountain Lakes Landscaping Design Ideas

First Class Mountain Lakes Landscaping Design Ideas

Stunning Mountain Lakes Landscape and Design Ideas That Will Inspire You

Landscape design usually involves arranging or modifying the features of a home’s yard, an urban area, or commercial space for aesthetic reasons but sometimes there are practical reasons for hiring a landscaping company. 

Whether you’re looking for a residential landscaping company or commercial landscaping company, landscape design plans are vital to making sure the plants in your landscaping thrive and work the way you intend. 

Searching for the perfect landscape and design ideas for your residential or commercial property? Keep reading to learn how to transform your home or business to add curb appeal and function!

The Right Landscape and Design For Your Property

The right landscape design ideas can provide your property with practical outdoor solutions like directing water away from your home as well as for accenting your home’s exterior. Let’s take a look at some landscaping ideas that will take your Mountain Lakes NJ property to the next level. 

1. Garden Path 

Whether you use stone, brick, wood beams, or whatever novel idea you choose, a garden path serves a purpose and adds visual appeal to your yard. Line it with path lighting and border plants and it’ll stand out even more. 

2. Plants with a Purpose

Do you need some shade? Do you want to create a border? What about fruit trees or a raised garden? Do you love color? Do you need to reduce noise? 

Think about your plant needs and wants. Consider your climate and learn which plants will thrive in your area. 

Don’t choose high-maintenance plants if you don’t enjoy gardening. 

3. Pergola

Do you enjoy outdoor entertaining? A pergola with or without a flower covering is perfect for dining out on those beautiful summer evenings or curling up under to enjoy a good book. 

4. Asian Garden

Simple and tranquil, Asian gardens are a great place to relax and keep calm. Stone and carefully-shaped plants are the cornerstones of this style of landscaping. 

Use Japanese maples, bamboo, and flowering cherry plants, and be sure to add some art as a focal point. 

5. Pops of Color

Add some interest with pops of color throughout your landscape design. Flowering trees, annuals, and perennials dispersed among the greenery will add some visual interest to your landscaping. 

You can also add color with planters, yard sculptures, stepping stones, and outdoor furniture. 

6. Fire Pit Area 

Design an area for the whole family to enjoy. Use plants to make a sculpted hedge and stones to designate an area with a fire pit in the center. Hardscape and softscape are combined to create this amazing design. 

Landscaping Services 

Landscape and design are important for your residential or commercial property to keep up your property values and overall aesthetics. 

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