Parsippany Masonry and Landscaping, A Cut Above The Rest

Parsippany Masonry and Landscaping, A Cut Above The Rest

Masonry and Landscaping, Parsippany

Of the 365 days in a year, approximately 206 of them are sunny in Parsippany, New Jersey.

As such, you should be enjoying your outdoor spaces every time you have the chance. You don’t want to dedicate your sunny days to masonry and landscaping projects that your yard needs. 

That’s where we come in. Fernandez & Sons can helm the projects that will make your backyard into the outdoor space of your dreams. 

The Professionals Have Plenty of Ideas

You might look at your yard and see grass — and that’s it. To us, though, your outdoor space is a blank canvas for landscaping and masonry. 

Let’s talk about masonry first. You don’t have to settle for self-laid brick landscaping, although we can create an eye-catching, long-lasting pattern if that’s the material you want. 

Our masonry expertise encompasses more than brick — we also work with blue stone, custom natural rock and concrete.

We don’t just pour concrete down and call it a day, though. In fact, you’ll be surprised at how the Fernandez & Sons team can transform this material into a slew of different colors and textures for your masonry project. 

Masonry doesn’t just mean walkways, patios and pavers, either. We have built outdoor kitchens, fire pits, chimneys, pool decks and more. 

And the same goes for landscaping. Because we work on both commercial and residential properties, we know how to plant manageable, beautiful gardens for any client. 

Our Team Has Plenty of Experience

Understanding the art of landscapes and masonry isn’t something that comes overnight. 

At Fernandez & Sons, we have more than a decade of experience transforming green spaces. Rather than learning the skills yourself — and trialing them on your property — we come in confidently and creatively to update your yard. 

Our satisfied customers can tell you more about our successes than we can. Check out their testimonials to hear why they recommend our services, both masonry and landscaping. 

With Curb Appeal, You Increase Your Property Value

Finally, as a homeowner, this point is an essential one for you to consider.

The right amount of curb appeal doesn’t just make your house prettier. It can boost the resale value of your home. So, it’s not just a beautification project — it’s an investment into your property. 

It’s tougher to calculate what your return on investment will be in comparison to a kitchen renovation or bathroom addition. However, your real estate agent will certainly suggest sprucing up the front of your property to appeal to potential buyers. We can help with that, whether you’re ready to sell or thinking about moving in the future. 

Choose Us For Your Masonry and Landscaping Needs

At Fernandez & Sons, we have what it takes to transform your yard with masonry and landscaping projects. And we hope you see that it’s not just a beautification project — our work will boost your property value, which makes it a worthy investment, too. 

If you’re interested in a quote for your dream project, contact us today to get started. We are proud to serve Parsippany, NJ as well as the entire county of Morris and beyond.