7 Ideas To Go Beyond Green: Grasses with Color

9 Ideas To Go Beyond Green: Grasses with Color

Alternatives to the Traditional Green Grass, Grasses with Color

Green is typical, and ordinary when it comes to grass color. Luckily, there are many surprising and attractive types of grass that boast a myriad of color alternatives. 

To give your garden or landscape an unexpected and captivating twist, consider installing some of the following choices into your setting.

First of all, before counting green out and dismissing it as something boring, remember that there are many shades of this color when it comes to grass and grass-like plants. Sometimes just breaking up an area with various shades of green can make for great garden interest. From emerald green to gray-green, there is a multitude of light and dark green hues in between. Keep in mind that the size, texture, and shape of various grass plants can also introduce interesting contrasts to the garden. Also, variegated varieties will mix up the green with patterns comprised of colors like beige, ivory, white, and yellow.

Once you are willing to leave your traditional green grass behind or are willing to try something new even for a small stretch of your yard, you will have ample choices to consider that sport colors like red, blue, orange, brown, pink, purple and all the many nuances each of these colors present. Some of these grass plants will only boast alternative colors during the autumn season, while others boast their surprising shades year-round.

A Few Common Grasses With Color

A Splash of Yellow

To introduce a bright yellow splash into the setting, consider the golden variegated sweet flag. This planting will produce growth that reaches about ten inches tall. Ideal for pots, it also makes a fine ground cover or edging. 

Grasses with color, golden variegated sweet flag
Golden Variegated Sweet Flag

Cyperus sedge also offers a nice splash of golden yellow. Cyperus sedge thrives in wet areas making it ideal for bog gardens. However, consider it for a pond-side location as well. Full sunlight is also ideal for this plant; however, it will also tolerate partial shade.

Green grasses, Cyperus sedg
Cyperus Sedge

A Touch of White

Cotton grass, with its telltale white tufts, is also a good choice for a wet locale. Growing just shy of two feet tall, these plants will add a clean touch of white to the landscape. 

Green Grasses, Cotton Grass
Cotton Grass

Stunning Blue

Blue wheatgrass (sometimes called Magellan bluegrass) boasts stunning blue foliage that is slightly metallic in appearance. Although this plant sports flowers, they are seldom as striking as the bright blue spikes of this ornamental grass that requires well-drained soil. 

Green grasses, bluegrass

Blue fescue is a clumping evergreen grass with a striking blue that will also rival the flowers of the garden. Requiring a well-draining soil, blue fescue will add lots of visual interest with its spiky shapes and rough texture.

green grasses, blue fesce
Blue Fescue

From Gray to Green

Gray-green buffalo grass is a marvelously hardy grass that tolerates both heat and cold. Arid regions pose little challenge for this grass that grows to the height of about five inches. Although it is a slow spreader, it tolerates most soils quite well.   

green grasses, buffalo grass
Buffalo Grass

Purple To Bring a New Look

Purple pampas grass tends to grow upwards of nine feet. Tall and striking, this grass boasts loose pinkish to purple flowers. Known for its loose, feathery plumes, purple pampas grass makes an excellent windbreak and will certainly provide the landscape with considerable visual appeal.

Green grasses, purple pampas grass
Purple Pampas Grass

Crinkled hair grass is a plant with a delicate appeal. Its foliage is often purple-tinged that matures to a brownish-yellow late in the growing season. Airy and beautiful, this grass can be used as a ground cover, but it works superbly in rock garden situations. Moist soil that is on the acidic side is ideal for this plant.

Green Grasses, crinkled hair grass
Crinkled Hair Grass

Deeply Red

For a dramatic flair, consider Japanese blood grass. This plant gradually becomes more deeply red as the season progresses. Plenty of sunlight and moist soil are important factors for this plant’s success. Due to its beauty, it is perfect for tubs or pots. An excellent choice when looking for grasses with color.

Japanese Blood Grass
Japanese Blood Grass

Mix It Up

Shaking up the look of your landscape with these alternatives to green grasses can make for a lovely setting. Many of these plants are easy to care for and offer the setting a wonderful change of pace. In mixed plantings or within large planters, these colorful grasses will often rival the flowers. 

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