Landscape Services: Design, Maintenance, Morris County NJ

Landscape Services: Design, Maintenance, Morris County NJ

Designing a High Quality Landscape With Landscape Services in Morris County

If you’ve been a homeowner for any length of time, you’ve probably considered what landscaping in Morris County New Jersey can do for your property. Having the proper landscape design doesn’t just make your home look more beautiful; it also makes it more enjoyable to be outside and can increase the value of your property as a whole.

However, a quality landscape isn’t something that just happens. It takes time and planning in order to make it a reality, simply because there are several details to consider. If you’ve got a vision in mind for your front and back yard, these are the steps you need to consider in order to make it happen!

Shrub Care

Whether it’s mulching around the roots or pruning a problematic branch, shrub care is an important part of proper landscape design. Shrubs are vital to any living area because they provide the oxygen we need to survive and keep the yard looking beautiful all year long. If a shrub starts having problems, pruning a few problematic branches can help the shrub recover while preserving your vision for the yard.

Lawn Mowing

One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners in New Jersey make is failing to mow their grass properly, and it might surprise you to discover that the biggest problem is cutting the grass too short. When you cut your grass too short, it can’t absorb nutrients as easily, making it difficult for grass plants to stay healthy. Yet many homeowners think only of the feeling of grass under their feet and cut as if they’re preparing to host a PGA event.

A quality landscaping company knows not to cut the grass too short and can mow at a height that optimizes your grass plants’ health. You don’t want grass coming up to your knees, but you also don’t want it so short that it becomes brittle. A good landscaping company can mow at the ideal height so that your grass maintains its lush, green appearance.


Masonry and stones are often the perfect way to tie the entire look of the front yard together, and they offer one of the best ways for homeowners to be creative with their home’s appearance. If you’ve always wanted a rock garden in front of a few shrubs, it’s easy to make that happen. If you and your family like to spend time outside, installing a patio is an excellent way to create that space.

Walkways, retaining walls and other hardscaping projects are usually easy to put in, and they go a long way toward making the home more user-friendly and aesthetically appealing, making them an important part of any home’s design.

Landscape Services, Morris County New Jersey

If you’re interested in quality landscaping in Morris County New Jersey, Fernandez and Sons are here to bring a landscape design vision to life. Not only do we provide landscape services such as design and maintenance we can help create the ideal look for the home. We know how to take care of it, ensuring true beauty for the home’s exterior! Get in touch with us today!

Landscape Services: Design, Maintenance, Morris County NJ