4 Types of Retaining Walls, Ideas and More

4 Types of Retaining Walls, Ideas and More

Valuable Information To Know About Retaining Walls

As you take that Sunday drive do you see different types of retaining walls on properties?

Sprucing up your landscaping with a retaining wall increases the beauty and value of your property by adding a work of polished masonry or carpentry to the mix. Retaining walls come in many forms and several different materials, including retaining wall blocks, bricks, pavers and lumber. They are also a great way to accent central features, like flowerbeds or gardens. But, their most valuable benefit is they prevent soil erosion and manage rainwater flow.

So, how do you choose from so many retaining wall ideas and what type of retaining wall is best for you?

Types of Retaining Walls 

There are four basic types of retaining walls that are each ideal for several unique situations.

Gravity Retaining Wall

A gravity retaining wall is the most basic type of retaining wall. It uses its bulk and mass to keep soil in position and from eroding. Bricks, pavers and stone are just some of the materials to build a gravity wall. Since a gravity wall functions through sheer weight, choosing a heavier material is the way to go.

Usually, these walls are made from dry-stacked stone and pavers. Short gravity walls require no additional support, while longer ones require trenching for the structure to sit in, with even longer ones potentially requiring a concrete footing.

Cantilevered Walls

One of the most compelling selections of retaining wall ideas is the cantilevered wall. The cantilevered wall, also known as a reinforced wall, is a concrete structure infused with steel bars. 

A retaining wall appends off a slab foundation to support the structure in an “L” shape. Soil puts pressure and weight on the slab keeping the wall in position. These walls are most common in commercial construction applications because of their unrivaled strength. 

Sheet Piling Wall 

A sheet piling wall is one of the most basic retaining walls, commonly used in compact spaces and constructed from many possible materials, including steel, vinyl or wood. These walls are corrugated vertically from material driven into the soil to increase support. Sheet piling walls work best in soft ground, with shorter walls requiring no additional reinforcement, with longer walls possibly requiring additional anchoring.

Anchored Retaining Wall

This type of wall consists of a retaining wall made from material anchored to soil by straps or cables. These cables or straps are attached to anchors encased in concrete. 

It is possible to incorporate anchoring into any retaining wall style. Anchoring is a vital technique for adding support to weaker and thin materials. 

Build Your An Incredible Retaining Wall Today

There are so many retaining wall ideas and techniques out there. Hopefully, this information helps you choose the retaining wall best for your needs. Fortunately, selecting types of retaining walls is even easier with knowledgeable, experienced and skilled retaining wall contractors. 

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