Top Kinnelon NJ Masonry Landscaping Services Near Me

Top Kinnelon NJ Masonry Landscaping Services Near Me

Kinnelon NJ Masonry Landscaping Services

The Front Yard vs. Backyard

While most Kinnelon NJ homeowners feel good when the front of their home looks beautiful and are happy when friends give them wonderful compliments, they sometimes neglect to care about the backyard. Any good landscaping plan should include the entire exterior of the home, not merely the part that faces the road. The backyard is an essential part of family life for most of us, and the area must be warm, inviting, functional, and beautiful.

It is, after all, the backyard where families gather for holiday celebrations, barbecues, games, and day to day recreation. Creating an attractive and functional backyard environment is an important part of any landscaping job. There are of course as many landscaping options as there are backyards, and it is important for every homeowner to be guided by his or her style and taste.

Backyard Landscapes

Gardens and Gazebos

There are many ways to make the backyard a showplace, from planting a spectacular flower garden to creating a relaxing Zen garden or rock garden. The addition of a gazebo or other structure can further enhance the usefulness of the backyard area while providing great shelter for parties and other gatherings.

Outdoor Kitchens

One of the most interesting trends in the world of backyard landscaping is the incorporation of outdoor kitchens and eating areas. These elaborate designs can go far beyond a charcoal grill on the deck, and in fact, many of the newest designs feature permanent gas grills, stoves, and elaborate outdoor seating areas. The options for these outdoor kitchens are virtually endless, bounded only by your imagination and your budget.

Lawns Providing Activity Areas

Other families may want to incorporate fun elements, such as horseshoe pits, volleyball nets, croquet courses or other activity centers, into their backyards.  These activity and sports centers can be lots of fun, especially at family gatherings.  Again, such landscaping elements can be as simple as a horseshoe stake or as elaborate as a family game center.

Masonry Hardscapes

Patios can be a great addition to the backyard as well, and these outdoor patios can make a great venue for entertaining and family gatherings as well.  Patios and decks are among the most common landscape elements for the backyard, and among the most useful as well. 

Let’s Put It All Together

As with all other elements of landscape design, patios and decks range from the simple and inexpensive to the elaborate and prohibitively expensive.  From deck designs that incorporate covered hot tubs and gazebo extensions, to patios adorned with trees and potted plants, there is no limit to backyard landscape design other than your own imagination.

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