Brick Paver Patios DIY Or Hire A Contractor?

Brick Paver Patios DIY Or Hire A Contractor?

Those brick paver patios you’ve been seeing on home improvement TV shows look pretty snazzy. They also don’t look too difficult to install yourself. Maybe this would make a great weekend project!

After all, you saw how they installed one on HGTV last week, so you’re an expert, right?

Maybe not. 

Let’s look at the pros and cons of buying DIY patio pavers or hiring patio paver services to install your patio. 

Doing It Yourself

First up, DIY.

Installing your own brick paver patio is not quite as simple as you might think. Hardware stores might advertise DIY pavers and tell you that paver patio installation is easy when you use their product. In reality, the installation is still quite a chore and will require a certain amount of knowledge.

For example, you have to lay a paver base material that will ensure a firm foundation for your patio. You’ll need to pack this tightly, which may mean having to rent a plate compactor depending on the size of your project.

Then, a layer of COMPLETELY LEVEL paver sand has to go over it. Have you ever tried to level sand? It isn’t easy. Inevitably once you have it all level, you’ll step on it or your dog will run across it and you’ll have to rework that spot.

Figuring out how much of this material you need is also tricky. Your project could end up getting more expensive than you originally thought.

For a basic patio, laying the pavers isn’t too difficult at this point, but you’ve got to do it without messing up the base. If you don’t install it correctly, you’ll end up with an uneven patio or pavers sticking up in random spots as it settles with use. Plus, if you want to do an intricate pattern or stairs, things are getting a little more complex.

On top of all this, DIY projects always take longer than you think they will so you have to build extra time into your project plan. 

Pros of DIY

  • Saves money (if you don’t have to redo it)
  • Enjoy a relaxing weekend project…hmmm

Cons of DIY

  • The patio may not be installed correctly
  • The project will take longer than you think
  • Equipment and tool rental drives up the price 

Professional Paver Patio Installation

Brick Paver Patios DIY Or Hire A Contractor?

When you choose a professional installation of your patio, you can rest assured that your patio will last for years. The base will be installed correctly and you won’t have to worry about tripping over uneven pavers.

Professional installers have the project down to a science. They will be able to install your patio in just the fraction of the time it would take you to do it. Enjoy your weekend plans with your family and come back to a new patio in your backyard. Not too shabby!

Pros of Professional Installation

  • Quick, stress-free installation
  • Peace of mind that your patio is installed correctly
  • The project is finished on time
  • Cost projection doesn’t change

Cons of Professional Installation

  • Can be more expensive (not always)

DIY Brick Paver Patios or Go Pro?

The answer is clear. Installing brick paver patios requires at least a certain amount of DIY experience. Even if you’re fairly handy around the house, tackling this type of project can be a major headache.

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