5 Tips; Sod Preparation and Installation

5 Tips; Sod Preparation and Installation

5 Tips for Preparing and Installing Sod on Your Lawn

If you are a homeowner dreaming of a gorgeous, green lawn, you may have considered sod over the traditional green lawn. That’s because getting grass to grow uniformly across your entire yard is challenging enough when maintaining it yourself – even under the best conditions. However, if you take the time to prepare your yard, install sod correctly, and properly take care of it post-install, you can end up with a beautiful lawn that will be the envy of your neighborhood.

Below we list 5 sod preparation and installation tips to help guide you through the entire process.

Calculate How Much Sod You Need

5 Tips; Sod Preparation and Installation

If you decide to replace your existing turf with sod, the worst thing that you can do is run out before you finish. After all, one of the main benefits of sod is to make your lawn look uniform. Therefore, you want to start by determining how much sod it will take to cover your yard. Luckily, you can figure that out by using basic math skills. One pallet contains about 500 square feet of sod. Let’s say your lawn is 5,000 square feet. Then, you would need 10 pallets of sod.

Prepare the Soil

One of the most important steps you need to do to ensure a successful install of your sod is to prepare the soil ahead of time. First, you will want to remove the existing turf. Make sure you remove any large rocks too. Then, you will need to till the soil. A tiller will work best and most quickly. However, if you don’t have a tiller, you can use standard gardening tools like a rake or shovel. Unfortunately, it will take you a lot longer. After you are done tilling the soil, you will need to smooth it out.

Installing Your Sod

5 Tips; Sod Preparation and Installation

Once you finish installing the sod, it’s time to water it. The first time you water new sod, you want to really soak it for about 30 minutes. The best way to water your lawn is with a sprinkler. Check underneath your sod by pulling up on a corner of it to ensure that the ground is wet; if the ground doesn’t seem very wet, water it longer. If you install your sod during a dry spell, then you will need to water it about 20 minutes each day until it turns green – which is usually about a week. After that, you need to water it occasionally to keep your yard looking lush and green.

Tread Lightly for a Couple of Weeks

Your new sod needs more than just water and warm weather to be successful. You need to protect it from getting damaged – especially during the first two weeks when it’s starting to grow. For example, try not to walk a lot in your yard. Make sure that you don’t set any heavy objects on your lawn. If you have a dog that likes digging holes in your yard, try your best to keep it from digging up the new sod.

In short, if you are planning to replace your existing turf with sod, make sure that you calculate how much you will need to cover your entire lawn. Take the time to prepare the soil before you install it properly. When it comes to installing sod, simply unroll it in straight lines. Make sure you water your yard enough. Lastly, don’t do anything to damage your new sod.


Sound easy? It may be for some homeowners, but for most, it’s easier to hire a professional landscape company to prepare the soil and install the sod with perfection. In the long run, It may be well worth it. With calculations that may not be accurate, installation wrong and without the proper continuous upkeep, the beautiful lawn you thought you would have can turn into a disaster with a boat load of money put down the drain as well.

Need Help With Your Sod Preparation and Installation?

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