DIY Flower Pot Fountains, Build a Fun Water Garden

DIY Flower Pot Fountains, Build a Fun Water Garden

During this unprecedented time where many of us are stuck at home and have not left our house in weeks, we are getting a bit antsy and ready to enjoy the outdoors. Looking for something fun and exciting to do in your very own backyard? Want to spruce it up so you can enjoy the ambiance. We have a great idea in store for you!

DIY Water Garden

Water gardens give your yard a touch of style and ambiance. Would you like to install a water feature but struggle with the idea of digging a pond or installing complicated pipes and pumps. There is an easier option that still gives you the delightful sights and sound of running water.

Flower Pot Fountains

Do you have large flower pots cluttering up your garden shed or garage? Maybe you had plans for a planter garden on your deck or patio but never got around to buying potting soil or choosing plants. Those flower pots can become a fun and attractive water fountain garden for your deck, patio, or anywhere in the garden you like. The process is quite simple and affordable.

Material List for a Flower Pot Fountain

Find or buy at least two large flower pots or tubs for your fountain. The largest must be an adequate size to hold all of the water and an electric fountain pump. Choose flower pots with holes in the bottom.

Get two sturdy plastic mesh baskets or flower pots that fit comfortably inside the two pots. These can be found at garden supply stores or shops that sell aquatic plants. You could also use plastic flower pots smaller than the two mentioned above, but it is necessary to cut holes in them, so the water flows freely.

Buy a water pump designed explicitly for small-scale fountains. If it is too powerful, the water will spray outside of the flower pots. If it is too weak, you will not get a pleasant flow. Ones with the ability to adjust flow are ideal. Waterproof adhesive or silicon sealant can help you make the fountain more stable or last longer but is not needed.

Step-by-Step Flower Pot Fountain Setup and Construction

Before you gather materials or start building the fountain, decide where it will sit for a long time. You need an outdoor location that is flat, hard, has easy access to an electrical outlet for the pump, and does not block pathways or garden plants from growing. Flowerpot fountains are heavy, which makes them difficult to move after they are set up. Draining the water completely to carry them to a new spot can be a challenge as well.

Plug any holes in the largest flower pot and place it in its final position. Buying a pot without holes is ideal, but they can be closed relatively easily with a combination of flat rock, plastic sheet, or other sturdy, water-safe material and sealant.

Next, position the fountain pump in the center part of the bottom of the largest flower pot. The water intake must be free of obstructions. Most pumps come with some type of guard or filter to put over the intake to prevent leaves and other debris from getting inside the mechanism. If yours does not, buy one or fabricate one from a strainer or other materials.

The water outlet tube should point straight up. Use some small rocks to help it maintain the position if necessary. The large plastic basket comes next. Slide the pump’s outlet tube through the top space in the basket and push it all the way down till it rests flat on the bottom of the large flower pot.

Then, place the next smallest flower pot on top of the plastic basket with the outlet tube coming up through the hole in its bottom. Use a sealant to ensure a tight fit between the tube and the hole, so water does not just flow back down through the middle.

Repeat these steps until you have your neat and sturdy stack of three flower pots of graduated sizes. This is the perfect time to seal any holes or gaps or use the sealant to attach the pots securely to each other if desired.

If desired, you can tuck decorative stones or even clean pots of aquatic plants around the edges of the flower pots. Remember that most water-loving plants need sunlight and room to grow, so only very small types would work in a flower pot fountain.

Two Types of Backyard Flower Pot Fountains

With just a large pot to hold and catch all the water, the most common type of flower pot fountain to create in this way has the water flowing gently over the edges and cascading downward. In other words, the water slowly fills the top pot, then runs smoothly over the edge of that pot into the pot below, and so on.

If you want this type of fountain, cut the water outlet tube off well below the rim of the top pot. As long as you did not buy a pump with too much power, you will get a gentle flow. If you cut it off closer to the top of the water, the force will push up higher and create agitation on the top of the water. It is your choice which way you like the best.

The other option is to attach a fountainhead of some type to the top of the water outlet tube. The most important thing to remember is that the water still has to get down into the largest flower pot at the bottom. This means you cannot put a true fountain or sprayer at the top and expect to keep your water contained.

However, there are small and gentle fountain attachments that will create an arch or mound of water to add more visual and aural interest to the fountain. There are also ones that will shoot the water straight up and let it cascade down upon itself. If you choose any of these, pay close attention to the overall water level of the fountain. These encourage more evaporation, and you will need to refill the flower pots more frequently.

Enjoy Your Amazing Flower Pot Fountains

It is time to enjoy your DIY flower pot fountain on the back patio, deck, or in the garden. Fill the largest flower pot on the bottom with water from the hose, and turn on the pump. As the water is sucked upward, continue filling the bottom part until all the pots are full and the water is flowing freely.

The sights and sounds of a water garden do not require back-breaking labor or disruption of your whole yard. With some large flower pots and a small motor, you can create your own fountain perfect for deck or patio. Experience more beauty, relaxation, and interest in your landscaping scheme with just a few hours’ work.

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