Great Business Benefits of Commercial Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance Services

Great Business Benefits of Commercial Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance Services

5 Business Benefits of Commercial Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance

According to research, improving the appearance of your commercial landscaping can improve your rental rates by over 7%. People are drawn to nature, as trees reduce stress, and improves our overall well-being

First impressions for your business go beyond a handshake and the comfort of your office chairs, it also includes having a natural feel with the right grounds maintenance and aesthetic appearance of your entrance. 

Hiring a professional grounds maintenance company will increase the visual appeal of your business, clean up the unnecessary debris, and drive up the curb appeal of your commercial property.

The only question is, what are the other benefits of hiring a commercial landscaping company, and why should you invest in outsourcing your landscaping?

Thankfully, we have those answers for you. Keep on reading to learn more about the importance of hiring a professional grounds maintenance company for your commercial property. 

1. Boosts Your Company’s Image

The property where a company conducts business has a great impact on a potential client’s view of the status and success of the business. A beautifully landscaped property surrounding an office building shows the businesses’ overall values are high.

The positive, psychological effects of maintaining your property will boost your client retention and can increase the number of loyal customers coming back.

2. Safety Assurance

If your grounds maintenance is out of place and needing a touch-up, this could increase the danger risks of your property. Neglecting the maintenance is risky, as it can increase risks of trips and falls. This could eventually cost you thousands of dollars in medical reimbursements due to a lawsuit from an injury on your property.

Hiring a commercial landscaping company will ensure safety for both your employees and clients on the premises of your establishment.

3. Increase the Longevity of Your Building

Neglecting the organic growth around your building may lead to some serious long-term damages to the building itself. For example, an overgrowth in bushes and vines can attach to the building and compromise the integrity of the building’s foundation.

Without going in and cleaning that area, the litter that hides under the bushes will also draw in unwanted pests like rats and mice. These pesky rodents can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your building. If this happens a professional pest control company needs to be called.

4. Impress Your Customers

Have you ever noticed the difference between walking into an establishment with a nicely manicured property, and entering an establishment that seems to neglect their property? The lack of grounds maintenance will subconsciously leave customers with a dull feeling and un-excited reason to return.

You will have an economic advantage by upkeeping your property, as people are more inclined to spend more at businesses they have a positive experience with. 

5. Saves You Money

Do you have any idea what it would cost to maintain yourself? Thousands of dollars would be spent on equipment, maintenance products, and storage. The simplest of equipment may include hedge trimmers, weed-whackers, lawn-mowers, ladders, tree trimmers, lifts, shovels, rakes, soil, and more. However, the larger the property the larger and more efficient equipment will be needed.

Have you thought of the time needed to maintain the landscape? Not only is their time involved to do the maintenance, but there is also a science to a well-kept landscape. This is where a professionally trained landscaper with horticultural knowledge is essential.

Learn More About Professional Grounds Maintenance 

There you have it! The benefits of hiring professional grounds maintenance will not only save you money, but it will improve the overall appearance of your business, retain more customers, and save you time.

Fernandez and Sons have multiple years of experience in the complex settings of commercial landscaping. We know what it takes to improve the look of your property. 

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