Spring and Fall Yard Clean Up Landscaping Services

Spring and Fall Yard Clean Up Landscaping Services

Spring and Fall Yard Clean Up Landscaping Services

If you let your lawn go to seed (so to speak), it would cost you around $1250 to get your 1,000 square-foot yard back in tip-top shape by laying new sod. 

You could cut that price in half if you are willing to do the labor yourself, but that means a ton of lifting, bending, shoveling, and raking. 

Retaining fall clean up services is one of the most cost-effective ways to maintain your lawn. Then once the snow melts, follow up with a spring clean-up service. This will ensure you are ready to show off your yard all summer long. 

Fall clean-up landscaping considers your yard’s specific needs and is more in-depth than just raking leaves. Yard cleanup and removal in the spring are also crucial to maintaining a healthy yeard.

In the following article, we’ll detail what these services include and how to find yard clean up services in my area. 

Importance of Fall/Spring Cleanup

If your idea of lawn maintenance is mowing the lawn and trimming the hedges and nothing else, well, expect to spend a lot of time battling bare spots, swatting insects, and pulling crabgrass.

Spring landscaping services and fall yard maintenance prevents weeds from taking hold and makes for easier mowing. Yard maintenance services also enhance your properties’ curbside appeal and foster a professional appearance. 

More importantly, as far as enjoyment goes, a well-maintained yard makes your yard another livable space in your home, perfect for entertaining and relaxing. This includes clearing leaves, fallen debris, and standing water that can attract and feed pests and biting insects. 

Fall Clean Up Sevices Checklist

The best landscaping services for fall clean up include:

  • Trim hedges and remove dead limbs
  • Seed and improve lawn bald spots
  • Aerate and overseed
  • Fertilize and apply weed control
  • Rake and remove/bag leaves
  • Inspect, trim, and collect leaves from perennials
  • Remove annuals and edge flowerbeds
  • Plant spring bulbs
  • Mulch
  • Irrigation system winterization

Fall is one of the most important times of the year to prep your lawn and flower beds. Not only is it important to clear away fallen leaves to prevent bare spots and organic matter that fosters insects, but it’s the time to prep your lawn for rich grass in the late spring and summer. 

Aeration, overseeding, weed control, and fertilization are all important lawn considerations for fall cleanup that will ensure green, think grass next year. 

Spring Clean Up Services Checklist

  • Remove debris, fallen branches
  • Pull weeds and mulch
  • Rake leaves
  • Apply seed to bare spots caused by salt and erosion
  • Inspect and reapply grass seed to fall bare spots
  • Fertilize and apply weed control
  • Inspect/test irrigation system
  • Add new plants or garden features

After taking the winter off, now is the time to pick up where you left off in the fall. Step back and decide what your goals are for your lawn. Decide which new features or revitalization projects you want to take on and budget accordingly.

Maintaining a healthy lawn, adding color, and mulching are some of the best projects to tackle yearly for the best curb appeal.

Look to the Pros For Your Yard Clean Up

You may be looking at these checklists and saying, “This seems as expensive as a new lawn!” And you’d be correct if you had to tackle all these spring and fall yard clean up services every year. 

Fortunately, you’ll find that maintaining a healthy lawn and beautiful property is easier each season if you hire the right company and applying timely maintenance.

Are you ready for an expert opinion on your lawn? Contact Fernandez & Sons today to get a pro’s insight on your property.