5 Totally Cool Ways to Repurpose Old Chimney Bricks

5 Totally Cool Ways to Repurpose Old Chimney Bricks

Repurpose Old Chimney Bricks in Your Outdoor Space

Updating a chimney doesn’t mean throwing out old bricks or taking them to the local used construction supply center. There are all sorts of ways you can recycle used bricks to give them new life. One enchanting option is to upcycle them in your backyard or garden area. If you like the idea of repurposing old chimney bricks, here are five options you can consider.

Succulents and Cactus

1) If your bricks are the style with three holes in the middle, place them with the holes facing upwards to plant succulent cactus inside. These mini cactus planters look great as garden edging or along a pathway.


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2) Broken bricks are reusable as mulch. Crush broken bricks into small pieces using a hammer and place mulch around the base of lamp standards or as edging on a fire pit.


3) Paint the long side of bricks to look like book spines. A series of painted bricks can be placed in your backyard to look like a tiny garden library. Be sure to use a variety of colors to add definition to your quirky outdoor library.

Decorative Pathway

4) Paint bricks bright yellow and then create a pathway through your garden area using the yellow bricks. Your children/grandchildren will be thrilled to hop and skip along a yellow brick road just like Dorothy in Wizard of Oz.


5) Affix pieces of broken beach glass to an old brick to create a custom doorstop. The mortar will help keep the beach glass in place, and you’ll have a constant reminder of your time spent beachcombing hunting for glass pieces.

These are just five of many ways you can recycle old chimney bricks. The more creative you are with your approach, the more fun you’ll have while completing your projects.

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