13 Easy Unique Home Decor Ideas

13 Easy Unique Home Decor Ideas

Your Home and Decor and More

Do you have questions about home decor ideas for your home? Are you asking, “How can I decorate my house on a low budget, with simple things or lavishly impressive items?” “How can I decorate my home DIY?”

Is your décor looking a bit dated and stale? Take your home and design to the next level. It can be done with a few simple things.

Some people have great taste in interior design yet others must study it to achieve a good effect. If you are not one of the people who have the natural ability to blend colors and items, then you will be happy to know that they can be acquired quite easily.

Put some of the following home and décor items into your living space and not only will you be impressed but so will all your guests.

So here we go, 13 easy unique home decor ideas.

Brightly Painted Jars

Jars are a lovely home accent. Jars come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are crafted from diverse materials. Some are solid colored, whereas others have scenes painted on them. Brightly painted jars look cheerful indoors or outdoors.

Rock Fireplace

One of the most attractive parts of a room is the fireplace. If the fireplace looks bare, then consider covering the bottom or top ledge with river rocks. River rocks don’t cost much to buy, and some people manage to find them by riverbeds. Of course, fireplaces are not appropriate for every home or locale but are very charming where regional.

Ladder for Quilt or Tapestry Collection

13 easy & Unique home decor ideas, ladder with tapestry

Some families collect quilts or tapestries. Such textiles are special and make a home very unique. It can be a quandary to decide whether to display the quilts or use them. Folding and placing them on a ladder allows them to be displayed yet also within arm’s reach to use.

Display Potpourri in Bowls

Potpourri consists of dried flowers. They have a surprisingly strong aroma that can make a room smell floral. If you collect some charming and attractive bowls, then you can display the bowls of potpourri well. It also looks pretty with all the muted colors on display.

Botanical Posters

Botanical posters look very interesting in a home. There are posters of different species and varieties of plant life. They are often labeled and explained on the poster in an informative way as well. These posters are widely available on websites such as eBay.


13 easy & Unique home decor ideas, birdcage

Many people collect birdcages. Birdcages come in all different shapes and sizes. They are made of all different materials and present a wide array of colors. Some people put plants in birdcages, and they are functional whereas others are strictly decorative.

Decorative Animal Statues

13 easy & Unique home decor ideas, animal statues

Most people love their furry pets and animals in general, but most have a special animal they identify with. There are all types of animal items such as pictures on clothing, accessories and more. Have you thought about animal statues? They are simple and easy to find. They are inexpensive, diverse and available at thrift stores and elsewhere. How about vases with animal features? Something to think about.

Plate Collections

13 easy & Unique home decor ideas, decorative plates

Plate collections look wonderfully well mounted on a wall. They can also be displayed in a china cabinet. Plate collections can be uniform in color, as in the case of blue china. Or, all the plates can be different. Both choices are equally charming.

Farmed Pencil Drawings

Framed pencil drawings look very exceptional in a den or family room. These can be of animals or landscapes. There is something about the stark simplicity of a pencil drawing that draws the eye to it. Frames could be simple as in a black frame or more elaborate

Chess Sets

Chess sets look very upscale as a home décor accessory. It is even better if you use it to play with chess sets that are variable in design. Heavier weight and more intricate carvings on the pieces are signs of quality. They look remarkable in the living room.

Used Porcelain China

13 easy & Unique home decor ideas, porcelain china

It is easy to collect and display porcelain china. If any part of the set gets broken, there are now companies that provide replacements of single pieces. Some people enjoy collecting odd pieces and single pieces and do not want everything to match. It can be fun to look for different colors and patterns.

Decorative Picnic Baskets

The summer picnic days are some of the freest. To indulge in summer picnics, you will need a picnic basket, of course. Picnic baskets look charming when properly displayed on a kitchen shelf. It will bring the family many happy days, as well.

Round Alarm Clocks

13 easy & Unique home decor ideas, alarm clock

Round alarm clocks have a certain chic all their own. They are perfect for bookshelves or end tables. Naturally, they also serve a purpose. Round alarm clocks can be found for a couple of dollars. With a great deal of patience and effort, they can also be found at yard sales.

So, there you have it, 13 Easy Unique Home Decor Ideas.

It only takes a few touches to totally turn a home around. Implementing a few of these home decor ideas can give a home a whole new look. Feel empowered and quickly make your interior design say a statement now.

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